What Size Generator?

In order to determine what size generator you need, you must establish which appliances will be operated from the generator and which of them will perhaps be operated at the same time.

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Most electrical appliances have their consumption on the plate which gives model, serial number etc.

Electric appliances have different power requirements – some products such as fridges can require up to five times their normal running power to start up – this information should be available on the manufacturers plate.

If an appliance has a “resistive load” then its starting and running current is the same – TV’s, cookers, hi fi’s, kettles and light bulbs fall into this category.

“Universal” motors with commutators and brushes need only 5-10% in addition to there stated power consumption.

However “Induction” motors with no commutator as found on fridges, vacuum cleaners, freezers and central heating pumps can have a starting current five times normal running power – this is why the plate on the appliance must be checked and if in any doubt you should check with the appliance manufacturer or his agent.

Once you have established the maximum wattage requirement of each appliance you may run off the generator you should add these figures together (plus at least 10% contingency) for the appliances you wish to run simultaneously – this is the KW output you require from your generator.

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