With LP Gas becoming increasingly popular we have many recommendations from all kinds of applications – listed below are just a few from our many satisfied customers.

We have seen demand increasing for LPG powered generators to power temporary traffic signals. As well as being cheaper than diesel LPG provides contractors with much greater flexibility as the running time between refuelling is greatly extended (around 80 hours from a single 13 kg cylinder)

Fuel storage is easy and replacement cylinders are readily available throughout the country – additionally LPG generators run much quieter than their diesel equivalents, have cleaner emissions making them ideal for use in residential areas

Chris Pearson, Pike Signals

During council elections local authorities use LPG powered small generators to provide power to temporary polling stations sited on a village green or car park. As an LPG powered generator will run all day on a single cylinder there is no need for refuelling and because they are so much quieter than diesel generators local residents aren’t disturbed by excessive noise

Harold Smith, Banner Plant

We have over a dozen mobile exhibition and promotional units using LP gas powered generators operating throughout the north of England. Cleaner exhaust emissions make LPG powered engines ideal for use around food and running costs are 30% lower. We have been converting our generators to run on LPG for a couple of years now and would never consider going back to petrol or diesel

Stuart Bowes, Notehome

We have converted a number of generators to LPG for traditional use, such as construction sites, but some small engine customers have slightly less conventional requirements. We recently converted ten generators with kits supplied by Edge Technology for use by an entertainment company which hires out bouncy castles for domestic and commercial use. The minimal risk of fuel spillage or pilferage and easy fuel storage makes LP gas the ideal fuel for powering small engines in situations like this

Simon Kerfoot, SK Gas

My mower was converted to run on LP gas over two years ago and I’m delighted with its performance. I use it at least once a fortnight and make significant savings during spring and summer. The mower makes light work of our garden and I’m sure owners of ride-on mowers will also benefit from the convenience and economic benefits of converting to LP gas

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